Logo Questionnaire

These questions are a starting point for the design of your logo. The more that you can tell us about yourself and your company, the better we can do. A little time spent thinking about these questions will be well spent.

There are no right or wrong answers. Please try to give us as much information as possible. YOUR SPECIFIC ANSWERS will really help us to create the image you have of your business.

Once complete, be sure to hit the send button at the bottom to send the completed form to us for review.

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Please write the exact name as you would like to appear in your logo.

What is your tagline if applicable. Do you want this in the logo?

Company name, background & short description of services.

What attributes of your business would you like your logo to reflect?

What is the overall message you want to convey to your target audience?

Who are your main competitors? Please list their websites if possible.

What are your thoughts about their logos? How do you want your logo to differ from their logos?

Do any existing logos appeal to you & why? If so, please provide a link to a picture of each logo.

Who is your target market? Be very specific.

If your customer came away with just two thoughts about your business what would you want them to be?

What are the marketing and business goals using this logo; what will it accomplish?

In what way do you differ from your competition?

Do you have specific images or icons that you wish or do NOT wish to be in your logo?

Do you have any color preferences or any existing colors you want in your logo?

Any additional comments or requests.

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